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Jon’s* Success Story
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A late diagnosis and lack of support at school was compounded by the Covid Pandemic and the isolation that ensued. Jon’s mental health was suffering, his anxiety was high and his confidence was at an all time low.

He joined one of our 4 part online learning courses, very much in the background, during lockdown. This interaction inspired Jon to muster enough confidence, with the support of his family, to join the Entrust Care Partnership Pathway to Employment initiative once we were able to open our community cafes again.

During his 12 months on the Pathway to Employment, his confidence grew dramatically. We started slowly and he took time to notice the things which made him anxious and worked on ways to manage these feelings.

He said that coming to the cafe each week gave him purpose and a reason to get out of bed. This was the first step to his success.

Jon didn’t know what job he wanted to do so he worked with our Employment Development Manager to explore his personal skills and needs alongside his transferable skills.

They looked at different types of businesses, locations, hours and job tasks. He knew that having ADHD meant he worked best with a variety of tasks which can be repeated.

This was the start of the search. Jon had never had an interview but with coaching and support on the day, he shone and secured a role in a garden centre restaurant. His contract is now permanent and he is going from strength to strength.

* Trainee name changed to protect anonymity.

“I’m really pleased he got the job, and also that he seems so happy about doing it. When he first started at the cafe, there’s no way he would have even considered a job involving speaking to people, which is pretty limiting. He’s starting to see all his strengths, beyond being ‘the one who’s good at maths’.”

Jon's* Mum

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