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Family Participation

Ensemble Together

This Drama Group was for adults over 16, working together with the wonderful provincial Theatre at Chipping Norton to engage in a drama session on the stage – how exciting!  We were joined by eight other people with additional needs who lived locally and we had a shared lunch before returning home in the car, singing songs from our favourite musicals. See below comments from the young people and the professionals!


“Enjoyed the singing with the “We will rock you”
“I liked hanging out with Charley”.
“It’s a nice theatre & staff were all friendly”.
“I laughed a lot”.
“It’s nice and new”.(As an activity)
“I have enjoyed all of the workshops and I’ve tried new skills”.

“This was an extremely successful project, because it focused on developing participants’ confidence and skills over a period of five workshops, but without any pressure to build towards a performance.  This provided the facilitator with opportunities to respond to ideas from the participants themselves, rather than be restricted by the pressure of rehearsals.  This resulted in a very relaxed atmosphere and all participants enjoyed themselves.” Take Part Co-Director

“Theatre staff were delighted with the workshops.  It gave us opportunities to meet and work with people who don’t access our theatre very often.  There was a real sense of joy when the group was in the building; a lot of shared laughter.  Theatre staff who were just ‘passing through’ an area when the group was in thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to them. There was such a feeling of positivity and energy.” Theatre Staff

“100% of the participants commented that the workshops making them feel ‘”happy to very happy.” Adults from Chipping

New for 2019 - Dad to Dad

Funded by Leamington Town Trust this project will establish a support group for fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers and male carers of a disabled child, young person or adult.
We know a direct Dad to Dad support group would meet the needs expressed by male carers, providing a safe space for fathers to benefit from a gender specific approach; as one father expressed “I come home tired, then I have to face caring and have a stressed partner to deal with”.
In an informal and relaxed setting and hosted by skilled male facilitators who are fathers themselves, we will explore sensitive issues but also be guided by what the group wants to do – whether it be action packed or some quieter moments.

This group will start in the New Year, if you’d like more information now, just drop a line via email to lynnebarton@btinternet.com


Toddler Group

This friendly group welcomes parents & carers of children under five providing a safe, secure, and happy environment for all children with parents being actively involved. There are plenty of toys which help to develop children’s skills and the opportunity to engage with other families.

We’ve been involved with running the Toddler Group for quite a while now and we like to keep abreast of things to see how we’re doing – so like last year, we again asked one of our volunteers to examine our attendance sheets and collate some facts us. Once again we’re delighted with the results View Them Here.

Want to see what we’ve got planned for 2019? Our calendar is now available to download!  Keep it handy so you never miss a treat!


Telling of Us

We will use the money we receive from Asda Green Token Scheme to act as leverage for a larger grant application to run some inclusive dance sessions with the delightful Mary Grigg, with whom we worked before. The Telling of Us will be the children and young people’s stories in the medium of free dance.

Who Cares – We Care

We know that Carers can suffer from poor health and back pain, find it difficult to maintain healthy diet and exercise, experience the pressures of juggling family life, be emotionally drained, stressed or sleep badly, feel emotions of guilt, resentment, anger, lifelessness and depression. Not everyone ticks all these boxes but a part of it seems to strike a chord with some of the families we talk to.

We are always keen to support families in any way we can and with this service you will be the ‘centre of attention’ for a change.  Our Who Cares We Care programme of seven sessions do just that, ask any of the carers and parents who’ve joined in over the past two years!  Our latest sessions ran in May, funded by the King Henry VIII Endowed Trust. These inspiring Parent and Carer Workshops not only celebrated the joys of caring for a child, young person or adult but also consider the emotional and practical stresses and what strategies can be helpful. We all learned from each other as well as the experienced practitioners.

If you’d like to hear a clip of Lynne talking about Who Cares We Care follow this link.

Or download the report

Grown Ups & Wrigglers

Entrust Care Partnership loves working with Arts professionals so teaming up with ArtsUplift and the Wriggle Dance Theatre to provide inclusive movement sessions for parents and children under five was a joyful experience. We are grateful to the Arts Council who funded our project which we called Grown Ups and Wrigglers.

Our growing portfolio in the medium of dance gave us opportunities to foster inclusion and promote an ethos of ‘you and your child are welcome in this group, this organisation and this community’. There are no barriers to participation, it’s a very visual class, levels of ability are not relevant here – the music, the props, the free expression creates an environment open to everyone and we really do mean everyone…this is a dance activity inclusive of children with disabilities and their able-bodied peers.

The sessions capture the essence of childhood, a time to discover creative expression, imagination and wonder and the excitement of believing that a piece of blue lycra really is a river! We continue to use the arts to raise expectations and change public perceptions of disability, but it’s the joy, the connection and the sense of belonging which really matter.

We’re working with Arts Uplift and Anjali in 2019, a Banbury-based Dance Company whose marvellous first-class dancers all have Learning Disabilities.  They will provide a teacher and an artiste for sessions to run 10 to 2pm week beginning 22nd and 29th July, with a sharing performance at the end.  PLUS we’re planning a 1 day session in October half term for a refresher in preparation for the visit to Anjali’s show ‘Genius’ at Warwick Arts Centre on Thursday 7th November.

If you’d like to find out more, contact lynnebarton@btinternet.com

Coffee and Chat Drop In Service

Calling All Parents, Carers and Supporters!

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting our informal drop in sessions last year, it was lovely to see so many of you and to catch up on your news and we’re delighted to be bringing you more of these informal sessions during 2019.

Our experienced parents/carers will be on hand to answer any questions you have about what local and national support is available, where to turn to next after a recent diagnosis and much more.

It’s the perfect opportunity to speak to someone who has ‘been there’ themselves, understands the system and can advise & guide to hopefully make things smoother for the future.

Walk & Talk

Here’s a novel idea – join one of our walking groups to chill out and get some fresh air and exercise all at the same time!

Funded through WPH Charitable Trust we’ve already enjoyed walks over the past couple of year’s at Ryton Pools and Stratford-upon-Avon, and we’ll definitely be looking to get more arranged for 2019 in these and other delightful locations.  So dust off the walking boots and keep an ear out for news of dates!

If you’d like to express interest in these groups, complete and return the application form in the download below.