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Claire’s Success Story

Employer Partner Compass Group, based at Jaguar Land Rover Gaydon

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Claire joined the Pathway to Employment with a huge desire to secure a paid job. She had been briefly employed in the past in a couple of jobs which hadn’t worked out.

A number of factors contributed to this, including the employer not understanding what reasonable adjustments would support Claire to do her job, not providing them, no on the job support to ensure she was successful, lack of understanding about disability and lack of disclosure about her additional learning needs.

Her focus during her time on the Pathway to Employment was learning to take her time, slow down, to learn skills systematically and to pay attention to the detail. Especially when searching for an appropriate job.

Claire received interview coaching and was accompanied to the interview by our Employment Development Manager to act as an advocate.

It was made clear that it was Claire’s interview and that having someone accompany her was simply as back up and to remind her of any key information she should share when talking about her skills and experience and to help her when talking about her additional learning needs and any reasonable adjustments needed.

Claire did fantastically well. Her passion for customer service shone through and really impressed her interviewer, Ginny O’Gorman. Ordinarily, Compass UK usually focuses on recruiting full time staff to work in their food service offering at Jaguar Land Rover.

However, Ginny said she could see Claire’s passion and potential, and with the knowledge she would be supported by the Pathway to Employment team and there were some reasonable adjustments, she knew Claire would be a great asset to her team.

Claire is now helping to trailblaze the use of Assistive Technology in the workplace via our partner Access Hospitality C.I.C to increase independence and reduce anxiety.

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“I agree with Claire that Entrust provides the best specialist career training and support that we have ever been able to access. Claire is remaining successfully in employment there because of high quality and ongoing support.”


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