What We Do

Workshops & Guidance

Aimee Mann Mentoring

Aimee has been a huge support to Entrust since we welcomed her son Freddie at Toddlers, supported him at Pre School, made a wonderful film together and started to work in partnership after her attendance at one of our Who Cares We Care Programme. Aimee has great aspirations for the future and is a fantastic mentor for other parents. Aimee’s workshops are Velvet Bulldozer, Building your Emotional Resilience and Mindset – Finding the Courage. We’re delighted to invite you to join the next batch of sessions on Tuesdays 28th January, 4th and 11th February – download the leaflet for all the info.




I recently attended one of Aimee’s talks and was surprised by how much I got from being there. Not only is she a great speaker but the talks are jammed full of useful, practical advice.

Coffee & Chat

Calling All Parents, Carers and Supporters!

The kettle will be on and a warm welcome awaits you at our lovely, Coffee & Chat events.  We’ve run these informal, friendly sessions now for quite a few years and we love to meet you all and to hear your news! 

Our experienced parents/carers are always on hand to answer any questions you have about what local and national support is available, where to turn to next after a recent diagnosis and much more.  It’s the perfect opportunity to speak to someone who has ‘been there’ themselves, understands the system and can advise & guide to hopefully make things smoother for the future. 

Next sessions are being held on Friday 28th February at Ridgeway, Warwick, Tuesday 24th March in Nuneaton, and then Wednesday 29th April in Stratford upon Avon., all between 10.00am and 11.30am, download the leaflets for all the info.

PDA & Strategies to Help

Thank you for your comments and feedback for our successful session on PDA and Strategies to Help back in May, which was aimed at helping parents, grandparents and cares of children, young people or adults with PDA and related needs and brought to us through SEND Supported.  We very much hope to be working together again so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to register an interest for future sessions.




Understanding & Supporting Your Child's Sleep

We’re working with the Warwickshire Parent & Carer Forum and Cerebra on Thursday 23rd April to bring you this focussed workshop to build your knowledge and understanding of sleep, what impacts it; what improves it; plus more ….. download the leaflet for more info.


Warwickshire Parent Carer Forum Events

We’re delighted to be working with Warwickshire Parent & Carer Forum to bring you another focused workshop like the recent SEND & The Law and the Behaviour Circle.  This forthcoming session Meeting the Sensory Needs of your Child on Wednesday 20th May in Dunchurch, Rugby is sure to be of interest to lots of you.

Download the flyer for the info ……


To book your place or for more information on any session on this page, contact Lynne Barton on 07712 326273 or email lynnebarton@entrustcarepartnership.org.uk