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Aimee Mann Mentoring

Aimee has been a huge support to Entrust since we welcomed her son Freddie at Toddlers, supported him at Pre School, made a wonderful film together and started to work in partnership after her attendance at one of our Who Cares We Care Programme. Aimee has great aspirations for the future and is a fantastic mentor for other parents. Aimee’s workshops are Velvet Bulldozer, Building your Emotional Resilience and Mindset – Finding the Courage. Her Spring programme ran successfully and we’re looking forward to working  with and supporting Aimee every chance we get!  Keep checking back for details on future workshops or join one of the Chase Meadow Chat sessions, details below.




I recently attended one of Aimee’s talks and was surprised by how much I got from being there. Not only is she a great speaker but the talks are jammed full of useful, practical advice.

PDA & Strategies to Help

Thank you for your comments and feedback for our successful session on PDA and Strategies to Help back in May, which was aimed at helping parents, grandparents and cares of children, young people or adults with PDA and related needs and brought to us through SEND Supported.  We very much hope to be working together again so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to register an interest for future sessions.




Meeting the Sensory Needs of Children & Young People

Many thanks again to Warwickshire Parent Carer Forum and Links Therapy for their recent workshops, we look forward to bringing you together for more informative sessions before too long, watch this space for more details.

Understanding Autism & Connecting with your Child

Join us for this valuable and informative workshop on Understanding Autism & Connecting with your Child.  Tessa Moreton and Jane Gurnett will help you gain a unique insight into Autism and help you to develop a greater understanding of how to cope using the 3C Pathway. This forthcoming session on Tuesday 2nd July is invaluable to all parents/carers who have recently received a diagnosis or are just starting on their journey of assessment and need support. 

Download the leaflet and get your name on the attendee list!

This Workshop is generously funded by Act for Autism.



Chase Meadow Chats

In discussions with the Community Development Manager at Chase Meadow Community Centre, Entrust Care partnership have agreed to facilitate a number of parent and carer Coffee Mornings over a six month period, each session will have a specific ‘focus’. Aimee Mann Mentoring will give a 30-45 minute ‘presentation’ followed by open conversations. Dates as follows, all Tuesdays:-

26th February, 26th March, 30th April, 7th May, 18th June and 16th July


To book your place or for more information on any session on this page, contact Lynne Barton on 07712 326273 or email lynnebarton@entrustcarepartnership.org.uk