Hello Readers,

We operate Toddlers on a Calendar Year and always review our numbers, the sessions we run, the highs and lows and the state of our finances early in the New Year. When I volunteered to lead the group four years I was attending with my two grandchildren. I am sure you have heard the phrase about engaging one’s brain before speaking – I didn’t!  However, the group was under threat of closure and as a decision I have never regretted it. It is now a thriving vibrant group of parents who attend regularly and meet up outside the group which is fabulous and we are pleased to facilitate these friendships.

In 2017 we have welcomed 73 children from January to December with on average just over 15 children and parents attending per week. Our social media profile is flourishing and at each Facebook post these days we regularly have over 1,000 hits so we must be doing something right! Thank you all for your support.

All the Action

Miss Laura from Love Ballet.Com joined us to lead a creative movement session, the children were enchanted.

Great moves everyone!

I have never seen so many of the children having such fun at our dancing sessions, it was great to watch. It must have been inspired by the combination of children attending on that morning, their developing maturity and perhaps the chocolate biscuits they had eaten.



Through the magic door is always a favourite, there is the big build up when we line up and then knock the door and hear a response from Sue or John and when the door is opened into the Library, it is heart-warming to recognise such wonderment with each child. Wow it’s the Library. Shall we all try to ‘catch this’ at least sometime this week, however ‘small’ the moment, and take a fresh look at the world.   Here is a picture of Sue reading the story. Thank you, Harbury Library.



Deb Dutton Creative

We haven’t got any large easels of our own and limited storage space so it’s a nice treat to have Deb Dutton pop along with her paints, aprons, paper, rollers, brushes and easels for the children to experience free flowing art. They are always very responsive.

Painting pic


Get Cooking

Anne Marie helped us make our very own Pizzas from scratch with extra special dough made with yoghurt and lovely healthy toppings to choose from. Nobody had to prepare lunch just popped the Pizza in the oven when they arrived home and voila. We had some great reports back from parents and carers about what a tasty lunch they made a win win situation, children having fun making their own food, eating well and giving mum and Dad a well-earned rest.



Shopping with style

These shop keepers are certainly busy with their purchases.What engaging children we have coming to Toddlers, so creative, such good sharing and happy friendships.

Toys pic

Come and join us

If you want to join us at the Toddler Group then Lynne, Selina, Chelly and Reg look forward to welcoming you come on round the kettle’s on.
We are based at the Wight School, High Street, Harbury, CV33 9HW (brown gate to the side) and meet at 9.30am saying bye bye at 11.15.
Thinking of coming along or need more information please do ring Lynne on 01926 612748 or email lynnebarton@btinternet.com




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