Lovin’ our Young Fundraisers …

Lovin’ our Young Fundraisers …

Six weeks into the Coronavirus Lockdown and we’re all looking forward (like everyone else!) to hearing what the ‘new normal’ will be, when we can get back out there to support our families again, or open up the cafes that we’ve been developing over the past few years, to encourage and nurture our young baristas.
In the meantime, let a little sunshine in by reading about what two lovely families have been getting up to, to support our work and raise funds for us!

Freddie Mann and his daddy Ollie are cycling quite a distance – no mean feat!  And the lovely daughters of one of our own Care Partners have been Pebble Painting …. you can read more by going to our Raise Funds page!

Raise Funds

Keeping In Touch

To all the families we support
Please see the attached letter below regarding the steps we as an organisation need to take to help combat Covid-19.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries and above everything else, stay safe and healthy..

Coronavirus Update

Dear families, friends and staff
These are unsettling times for us all and I thank you for your patience while we try to remain calm and make rational, measured decisions.
Please see the attached Entrust Care Partnership position on the coronavirus and steps for which we are all responsible along with our letter to families  We are reviewing our strategy in line with current advice, please be assured that we have the health and safety of you all at the heart of the steps we are taking.
Kind regards
Lynne & Carole
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We’ve had an amazing 2019 and we hope that all of you who joined in the fun along the way enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!  You can read our Review here …

But so much more to come in 2020 …… Download our Hopes and Dreams here ….don’t forget to get in touch if you want more info!

We’d Love A Place of Our Own!  But we need your help …..

We’d Love A Place of Our Own! But we need your help …..


We would love a Place of Our Own which we could all share, run services from and be a welcoming space for all our families now and in the future. Seems unattainable but we have been selected as Finalists in the Persimmon Homes Building Futures. Can’t quite believe it and thought it was a ‘scam’ email at first but its really true. 

Please please can you vote for us, share and  talk nicely to others to ask them to vote for us. Together we may just do it!! Thank you so much everyone.  Click on the link below, scroll down to find us on the list of finalists and vote, vote, vote!!