Hallo from everyone at Harbury Toddlers.

Our transition to the Scout Hut is now complete and we have settled in, pom poms, fairy lights and new mats brighten the room but overwhelmingly it is the families who attend who make it such a great place to be on a Monday morning #HappyMonday

We can’t quite believe how blessed we are with such a group of dedicated, committed, compassionate parents, grandparents and carers always offering to help, sharing ideas, bringing cakes, toast and biscuits to help with funds. You can see the theme here can’t you.

We acknowledge that we all have much to be thankful for so when we say Toddlers is a ‘bit skint’ at the moment it must be taken in context. We have applied to WH Smith for funding, have our planned Coffee Morning on rota for next March and intend to keep looking for external funding as we would like to purchase some non-fixed barriers to create a safe outside play area in the Spring.

So, what have we been up to? Well continuing the food theme we made Apple & Pear crumbles, the smell of the honey, cinnamon and fruit was delicious and we were so grateful to Liz for presenting the session, it was like a cookery class at the Shopping Mall!

Other recent visitors included Miss Laura from LoveBallet.com a firm favourite, our very own Alison Hunt who reads us stories and traditional songs and rhymes and Alan Toms a local Amateur photographer, thank you all for your ongoing support.   As most of our Readers know Entrust Care Partnership, a not for profit organisation supporting disabled children and young people, run the Toddler Group and a special thanks this month goes to Mal Leeman (Grandmother to George) and the fantastic Chinewrde Morris Dancers for their generous cheque to help our work.

By the time you read this we will be busy with our Christmas Activities, making Christmas Puddings, preparing our Reindeer Food with edible glitter so that it is perfectly safe to scatter on the lawn, letters to Father Christmas, Christmas songs and the Nativity Story. We are looking forward to our Christmas Party at All Saints Tom Hauley Room with Reena’s Soft Play Take Away which always pleases everyone and a visit from shhh you know who.……..Merry Christmas everyone.

Come and join us

If you want to join us at the Toddler Group then Lynne, Selina and Reg look forward to welcoming you come on round the kettle’s on.

We are based at the Scout Hut, High Street, Harbury, CV33 9HW and meet at 9.30am saying bye bye at 11.15.Thinking of coming along or need more information please do ring Lynne on 01926 612748 or email lynnebarton@btinternet.com






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